U9s to U13s Group

The U13s Group (school year 8 and below) is coordinated by Peter Whyley, with coaching assistance from the Club’s Lead Coach Chris Wardle, together with colleagues Andrew McBride, Jamie Boulding, Lee Heap, Dinesh Arora and from senior players including 1st team captain Lee Brooks, Overseas player Sam Timbs and older juniors Ollie Chow, Josh Knowles and Ben Brazendale.

Players at U9s (school year 4 and below) will train with soft balls (tennis balls and incrediballs).  Only when considered ready will they progress to hardball training, normally from U10s upwards, and protective equipment will need to be worn – pads and helmet will be provided, but players are asked to bring a personal abdo guard (‘box’) protector.   Boys and Girls of any ability are welcome.  Details of training and match information of immediate interest is given below.

OUTDOOR TRAINING is on Monday evenings at the Club from 6.00pm to 7.30pm.  When Bank Holidays occur, Monday sessions will normally be replaced by a Tuesday session with details confirm by email.  There is girls specific training on Tuesdays also from 6.00pm to 7.30pm.

MATCHES for U9s, U11s and U13s are in the South Manchester Junior Cricket League.

  • U9s Home games will be Monday, and Away games are on various days of the week
  • U11s Home and Away games will be on Sunday
  • U13s Home and Away games will be Friday evenings.

Girls matches are being arranged as friendlies.


A link to the Laws of Cricket Animations – for juniors or for adults who think they know

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The philosophy is to create an environment where boys and girls can be given opportunities and enjoy the challenges thrown at them, hopefully based on confidence achieved through effective training sessions.  We look to select players for matches based on attitude and commitment as well as skill level.  Matches are not just about winning, mostly about development for the future and inclusivity.  Also very important, we try to promote a team culture whereby all players walk away from each match knowing they tried their best for themselves and for each other.  Through this approach we recognise that all the players will develop at different rates, and we endeavour to demonstrate an openness and accessibility to all.

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Download here - 2014 report U12s to U9s

  • U12 Adam Miah (Player of the Year), Louis Norman (Most Improved)
  • U11 Cholan Kayan (Player of the Year), Max Hastings (Most Improved)
  • U9 Tom Jenkinson (Player of the Year), Ben Gwyer (Most Improved)
  • Best Contribution from Young Female – Emily Conway
  • Also Laksh Arora (Seen & Keen), Adam Heap (Eye Opener)

Download here – 2013 report U11s & U9s

  • U11 Gerard McCoy (Player of the Year), Frankie Dook (Most Improved)
  • U9 Nathan Greenhalgh (Player of the Year), Dan Haworth (Most Improved)

Download here - 2012 report U11s





A full list of fixtures can be found via the calendar link on this page.  Team selection on immediately forthcoming matches is given in the link below.

IMPORTANT.  Please text Peter to confirm availability for matches ASAP.  Team will be edited and updated on the team page accordingly, so reserves please check back.

Reusable text from 2013/14 season:


At Trafford College Sports Hall, Stamford Brook Road off Manchester Road, halfway to Alty from Sale.

  • U12s (school year 5, 6 and 7)  Tuesday 6.30 to 8.00pm, 28 Jan to 1 April
  • U9s (school year 4 and below)  Wednesday 6.30 to 8.00pm, 29 Jan to 2 April


Sale Grammar School Sports Hall from 6pm on dates shown (all Friday evenings).  There are two matches on any one night.  Teams are 8 a side but we will take a squad of about 10 if we can (depending on availability). £4 per player per night please.  Rules – download here.  All fixtures and results are below.  See also Trafford FB page. Team for next match is given below (noting players should apply to be included):

Under 12s – There are 13 teams and we finished a very well done 5th.ashton aces

  • Won v Timperley 3 (225 v 221) and Lost v Bowdon (207 v 277)
  • Won v Timperley 1 (255 v 239) and Lost v Brooklands 2 (262 v 215)
  • Won v Sale (244 v 220) and Won v Brooklands 1 (243 v 210)

Under 10s – There were 9 teams and we finished a very credible 4th.  This included posting the highest score in any match.  Well done to all who contributed.

  • Won v Brooklands (257 – 249) and Lost v Sale (216 – 248)
  • Won v Bowdon Vale (310 – 229) an Lost v Bowdon (255 – 264)